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Papetura offers a delightful world of animated paper.

Neverhood meets Machinarium.

One of the prettiest handcrafted games I’ve played.

About Papetura

Papetura is a handcrafted puzzle adventure game made entirely out of paper. Along with atmospheric music made by Floex, it creates a mysterious and unique paper world, shrouded in shadow and light.

The Story

Papetura tells a story about lonely paper creature Pape, trapped in a flowery prison. One day Pape escapes and finds little Tura, a magical being that he’ll take care of. Together they will have to face dark and flaming monsters which will try to burn down their beloved paper world.

Everything is made out of paper, from tiny insects, strange creatures and monsters to truly magical locations

You can play with mouse or gamepad!

The story is told by animation and strange noises, there are no dialogues

Unique point and click adventure experience, for about 2 hours

Atmospheric and beautiful music is made by Floex – Tomas Dvorak

How It Was Made?

Papetura was created entirely from paper. From locations, characters and objects, everything is a paper sculpture. Glued together, lit and set up on a photographic stage, they were transferred to a computer, where they made their way into the game in unaltered form.

The process was inspired by architecture models, makro-worlds and handcrafted games such as The Neverhood (1996). The hope was to make something unique, solely out of animated paper surrounded by light.

The Team

The game was developed by Tomasz Ostafin “Petums” over a period of 7 years, in cooperation with music composer Tomas Dvorak “Floex” and sound effects artist Juraj Mravec. On the path of development, Papetura has received tremendous support from friends and the game development community.