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Burn, tiny little Flame, burn… Light up the misty forest, dispel the darkness… Let scarred
bugs emerge from the nooks and crannies, gazing at your spark

In Pirofauna

You are a tiny little flame wandering through a dark misty forest. You can set fire to anything your tail reaches. Light up the darkness, help lost and frightened bugs, dispel unfriendly creatures.

Fire Is Your Friend

This is an adventure game where you explore and learn the story of the forest, ignite everything around you and offer help to anyone in need.
In this forest, fire is a friendly element that flora and fauna look forward to. Once in a while, a small flame appears, which the worms treat as one of the deities of the forest.


The fire motif is inspired by the creator’s own fascination with fireworks, and the bugs in the game by real species encountered on forest paths, with their own character and habits.

How It Is Made?

The game is the work of the creator of the award-winning Papetura, Tomasz Ostafin. Again, it is made by hand by cutting and gluing together various types of paper. The game’s music is composed by Tomas Dvorak, known for his works by Amanita and his own albums.

Crafting and coding is in its early stages, so the game still needs time. If you like the little flame, please support the creator by wishlisting and letting others know!